Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please complete our Prospective Vendor Application to receive more info.

What Items Are Prohibited From Being Sold?

Illegal items and inappropriate items are prohibited. (We reserve the right to decide what is inappropriate.)

Forbidden items include:

  • Pornographic materials
  • Guns or ammunition
  • Copy-protected and counterfeit items
  • Alcohol or tobacco products
  • Pets/Animals
  • Children’s festival/activities
  • Food items must receive approval

Can I Promote My Business?

Absolutely! The Community Flea Market is a superb place to promote your business. (See also prohibited items).

Can I Sell Food or Drinks?

Food and drink sales are regulated. Please complete the Prospective Vendor Application for more information/approval.

How Do I Become A Vendor At the Flea Market?

It’s easy! Fill out our Prospective Vendor Application and we’ll contact you shortly.

If I Have Additional Questions What Should I Do?

We’d love to answer any additional questions you may have. Please complete the Prospective Vendor Application or direct message us through Facebook.