Consecration 2018

Praise the Lord Saints, It is time again for our New Year Consecration. This year we will be in consecration and sacrifice for 21-Days, beginning at 12:00 A.M. Monday, January 8th and ending Monday, January 29th at 12:00 A.M. As the pastor and overseer of Perfecting Unity Church, I declare this time of fasting and sacrifice to seek the Lord for the cleansing of our souls and fresh new beginnings in 2018.

Your time of waiting and struggle has not been in vain. I believe God has worked it for your good and declared a new beginning for you! Have faith in God, as we corporately invoke the Spirit and power of prayer, that He will turn the walls that have blocked our ministry progress, our spiritual progress, our financial prosperity, our physical health, and our unity with other believers into doors of unprecedented access, release, and blessings in 2018, and beyond.

It is of paramount importance today, as never before, that the people of God band together and use the spiritual authority and power, given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ, to bind divisive spirits and the ungodly influence and actions perpetrated against the people of God and His Word by wicked rulers and governments of this world. We are believing God for double portion anointings and the release of bold prophetic voices in the streets of America and the world.

Let’s seize this appointed time for new beginnings! I have attached additional information concerning this time of fasting, prayer, and sacrifice for your guidance and direction. Please be diligent in following these instructions.